Thermal Imaging

Through the use of certified infrared thermography testing equipment, we are able to ensure that your uninterruptible power supply operates at optimum performance levels. Additionally, thermal imaging allows us to pinpoint potential issues before they cause a failure.

A powerful diagnostic tool

Thermal imaging services involves inspection of the components of your UPS electrical installation using specialized infrared testing equipment. This enables us to analyze the temperature of a system’s components safely and accurately. By determining the temperature of individual parts, we can diagnose and prevent any problems before they arise, optimizing the energy distribution and electrical components, and minimizing the risk of system failure.

Thermal imaging allows us to maximize the performance of your system, increasing overall efficiency and extending the life of the system in between regular servicing. Utilizing this technology, our experts have the ability to analyze and diagnose your UPS system quickly, using a non-invasive method and a high-level of precision.

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