Load Bank Testing

Proper UPS load bank testing determines system and battery performance. Ensure all components within your backup power system are integrated properly and are working properly.

Diagnose and prevent a failure

Load bank testing confirms optimal operational performance of the system and its batteries. Testing puts the UPS system under a load without risking protected equipment in a live scenario, to ensure that the system works correctly when it is needed.

Load testing evaluates the condition of a system’s batteries and battery strings. If any individual cell fails to hold a charge or a battery is approaching the end of its working life, a load test will uncover these issues before they cause a failure. Problem batteries are then replaced. Because a battery set will be negatively affected by its weakest battery cell, load testing is essential to maintaining proper operation.

Load bank testing can be performed as soon as one week after commission of a UPS system and can also be performed as preventative evaluation and maintenance.

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