Our expert technicians will consider your unique needs and develop a plan for installation of an uninterruptable power system. Utilizing quality products and manufacturers’ standards, each system is customized for the space and requirements.

The installation process

From start to finish, United Power System provides full-service installation in your location. Cost-effectiveness, value, and reliability are carefully considered as we develop a plan, choose products, and complete on-site installation. Once you’ve decided to equip your facility with a UPS system, we perform a series of essential operations to install your equipment with minimal disruption. It is our goal that the performance of your new UPS system meets or exceeds your expectations.

Careful planning starts with delivery arrangements. We determine the best way to install, connect, and set up your system for optimal performance.

A battery-powered UPS is not only heavy but has sensitive electronic equipment. Because of this, the installation of your new equipment will be completed by experienced professionals with knowledge of the specialized tool for the job.

The installation team will choose a location that can safely bear the equipment’s weight. Additionally, careful planning will ensure minimal inconvenience to employees and business operations. Adequate room for the batteries and associated switchgear is essential, as well as the necessary space to perform routine and emergency maintenance on the system. If necessary, future expansion should be considered when selecting the location of a UPS. Airflow, humidity, temperature, and the effect of the UPS on current climate control systems will be considered to maintain the performance of the system.

Electrically installing a UPS or protected power system is a highly specialized task, performed by expert technicians. The UPS installation must be performed strictly to the supplier’s instructions, complying with local and national electrical installation regulations. All UPS installations conclude with a detailed commissioning procedure to ensure longevity and efficiency of the new system.

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