We can assist in the decommissioning and relocation of your uninterruptable power system, whether it’s in the same location or a long-distance move. We also provide complete disposal services.

Relocation and complete decommission

Relocation involves the safe transportation and re-commissioning of the UPS, associated batteries, and electrical components. Our expert technicians determine the logistics of relocation and complete decommission/disposal, safely managing the project from start to finish.

Our experts employ careful planning, site power survey, and overall management to ensure that current facility operation remains as seamless as possible and that systems are removed without disruption to critical loads. Whether simply decommissioning or also relocating, our team handles the entire process and any specialized equipment that may be necessary.

Once decommissioned, all applicable disposal and recycling processes are performed. Metals and plastics are recycled, including electrical cabling, capacitors, and fans. Other components are recycled and disposed of with the help of specialized companies and procedures.

Batteries require a specific recycling process, as part of decommissioning and battery replacement/maintenance services. Following removal from the UPS and your site, the batteries are sent to specialist battery companies who can strip down the batteries into their separate components of plastic cases, metal plates and acidic electrolyte, for recycling.

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